The Hills’ Stephanie Pratt drags Spencer in scathing Instagram rant

scandal 25/07/2019

It's a true family feud. The Hills' Stephanie Pratt did not hold back on her thoughts on her brother Spencer Pratt and sister-in-law, Heidi Montag in a rant on Instagram.

Stephanie detailed her beef with Spencer and Montag in an extensive Instagram post that was accompanied by a screenshot of a GIF that stated, “The moment you realize Stephanie is carrying this season of THE HILLS.”

She said her return to the MTV series has “drained” her, adding that she’s “so happy to be back home in London” and not anywhere near her “evil” sibling.

Spencer often screamed that everyone hates me, is fake nice to me and to go back to London because no one wants me here.

Stephanie then referenced Montag’s feud with her former bestie and The Hills costar, Lauren Conrad. She insinuated that it was Montag — not Spencer — who leaked rumors about Conrad having a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. “Omg and Heidi — I have no words for how evil you truly are,” she continued. “You had no choice [but] to admit all of the lies you’ve been spewing about me was for a magazine cover. And for real, WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID 10 years ago. You awful human being — and to your BEST FRIEND?” She regarded Montag as a “truly a hideous person,” and claimed the singer does not “have 1 friend” beside her nanny.