One third of women admit to going on a date for a free meal

Research from two online studies has been released stating 1/3 of women have admitted to going on dates just for free food (in other words, a ‘foodie call’)….is this genius or totally wrong?!

One of the studies had 820 fill out a questionnaire about their personalities, beliefs about gender roles and ‘foodie call’ history. Over 23% came back saying they had been on one or more ‘foodie calls!’ The reviews came back veeeeery mixed, some strongly agreeing and saying there was absolutely no harm, whilst others were saying it is totally unacceptable and unfair to our fellow male counterpart.

Women who scored higher in the surveys were more likely to go on dates with people who they clearly were not interested in… Just for a cheeky wine and dine for free.

I mean common we totally get it – whose going to turn down a yummy free feed and some good old fashioned face to face banter?! HOWEVER, how do you feel about this lads…. Do you pick up on those ladies popping along for some free goodies?!