Music Festival creates safe viewing space for pregnant women

trending 12/07/2019

This needs to become a thing here in New Zealand too!

As anyone who's ever been to a music festival is well aware, they get packed. Really packed.

So much so that the spaces aren't always inclusive to pregnant women. In an attempt to change that, NOS Alive Festival in Portugal is providing a special viewing platform just for all the expecting mums out there.

"At NOS Alive we are proud to introduce the world’s first viewing platform for pregnant women at an international festival," Said CEO of the festival, Álvaro Covões. 

"It’s a unique opportunity for new mothers who love music to help make their festival experience the best one.

Why should you compromise your lifestyle in any way when you’re pregnant in this day and age?".

Bands performing at the festival include Bon Iver and The Chemical Brothers.