Is this a picture of a stormy beach or a car door?

trending 09/07/2019

While the Yanny or Laurel debate feels like a distant memory, there's a new viral illusion here to confuse your eyes...

Atleast unlike the above debate, we actually know what the answer to this illusion actually is.

A photo of a broken door has made 'waves' for looking like a stormy beach at night.

Now we know what you're thinking, "how TF could you ever confuse a car door and a beach for each other?' Well, just take a look at the picture for yourself: 

See what we mean!? As soon as you see the stormy beach, it's almost impossible to unsee it.

‘I still don’t know. I can only see the beach. Someone help?’ one person asked on Twitter with another saying "I live by the beach and this s**t looks like the beach."