An interactive Alice in Wonderland exhibition is coming to NZ and we can't wait

scandal 26/07/2019

Alice in Wonderland was first sent down the rabbit hole in 1865 in Lewis Carroll's kids books, and has been on many adventures since over pretty much every type of media, from films to games to theatre.

Her latest adventure is bringing her to little ol' NZ though - to Wellington's Te Papa this December!

From 7 December, 2019 to 8 March, 2020, Te Papa will pay tribute to all things Alice in Wonderland. The showcase will take fans through the screen history of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'What Alice Found There'. 

The exhibit will take you through more than 40 cinema and 30 television versions of Alice, spanning her first big screen appearance in 1903 to 2016's 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'. You'll get to see all the different technologies that brought Alice to life, including animation, puppetry, live-action cinema, video games, CGI, 3D and more. 

Best of all though, it's all interactive, including playful environments, digital activites and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Visitors will start off in Lewis Carroll's drawing room, where they're given theor own Lost Map of Wonderland to navigate and unlock interactive parts of the exhibition. The Hallway of Doors, introduces Carroll, Alice Liddell and the key Wonderland characters, objects and places - it's basically a maze of doors and sounds super fun.

You'll also get to take a seat at the digital and interactive Mad Hatter's Tea Party experience, which looks super cute:

You can even scan yourself onto a large projection in the Queens Croquet Ground and see awesome costumes, puppets, magic lantern projections, props, concept drawings and first edition publications and illustrations.

Tickets go on sale from September, so start planning those weekend trips to Welly team!