Aquaman's Jason Momoa is being body-shamed by trolls for his 'dad bod'

scandal 11/07/2019

Jason Momoa a.k.a Aquaman a.k.a a man so beautiful he'll make anyone feel self-consious is being body shamed.

Yes, you read that right.

Trolls have taken aim at the movie star after he was spotted soaking up the sun while on holiday without *gasp* his superhero level sculpted abs.

"what happened to the abs?" wrote one fan with another saying "Seems to me he doesn't have the same buff bod he had in Aquaman" before adding he now has a "dad bod".

For anyone new here, Let's just get one thing straight:

Pretty much everyone who's ever had to get into ridicilous shape for a superhero role has said just how hard it is getting that jacked, let alone maintaining it.

Henry Cavill, who played Superman, has spoken about how insecure he feels about people expecting him to look just like how he did in the films "I tell myself, ‘Mate, you’re a mess. If you were to meet a bird out in a bar and bring her home, she’s expecting Superman. This is not Superman and she’s going to be mega-disappointed.'"

Luckily for Jason Momoa, his fans were not having any of the shaming and were quick to jump to his defence.