An influencer lost all her hair after trying to bleach it on Instagram Live

scandal 05/07/2019

Literally our worst nightmare!

Remember the viral video of a girl burning her hair off with a curler? Well that's nothing compared to this...

YouTuber Lola Faith learnt the hard way why sometimes it really is best to just leave some things to the professionals.

Lola wanted to bleach her hair but had first added a relaxer to make it straight. Unfortunately, the chemicals of both the bleach and relaxer were very strong and as she went to comb her hair, it came out in clumps.

To make things even worse, Lola had gone Instagram Live which meant all of her 60,000 followers got to watch the nightmare as it happened.

Instead of letting it get her down, Lola is totally rocking and embracing her new look. 

"I feel so confident about my hair now," she told Metro. "People on social media have made me feel a lot better about the accident, telling me it suits my look. 

My hair will grow back soon, but for right now I’m going to be rocking this new bald look!"