We get to hear Beyonce sing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" in new Lion King trailer

scandal 21/06/2019

Nala has never sounded better! Beyoncé fans have been waiting months to hear how the singer would interpret the Disney classics from The Lion King for the upcoming adaptation that she is starring in, and now they do not have to wonder any more. Beyoncé sings "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" in a brand new Lion King teaser, and it's perfect.

Don't get too upset about Beyoncé only having one song in The Lion King, because there's actually hope that she will also record a new song to be played at the end of the movie. Last year, Elton John revealed that he had been working with Beyoncé on a new song for the movie, so hopefully fans will also get a brand new original Beyoncé track. 

The new adaptation hits theaters on July 19.