This new Blockbuster board game will give you all the nostalgic feels

trending 07/06/2019

Picture this: it's Friday afternoon, you've finished school for the week, the rents are treating you and the sibs to takeaways, but first you get to stop off at the video store to pick out a movie to watch. You wander up and down the maze of DVD or video-lined aisles, mouth already watering over the popcorn you're going to scoff down snuggled up on the couch later.

Ahhhh those were the days. And while Blockbuster and the like have mostly all shut down, with illegal downloading and streaming taking their place (RIP), you'll always have the memories right?

If those aren't enough though, there's now a BLOCKBUSTER BOARD GAME!!! Sounds like the perfect way to fill that friday night void. 

The goal of the game is to be the first team to collect one movie from all eight genres - action, classic, comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama, animation, and family. 

Board game company Big Potato Games' head of marketing, Massimo Zeppetelli, approached Blockbuster with the game idea first, saying: "We realized if we felt such heartfelt nostalgia for picking up rentals, then others would feel the same,"

He estimates that of the films included, "90 percent of them would feel right at home on an old-school Blockbuster shelf, including classics like Home Alone and Die Hard," but there are a few newer movies in there too. 

The old school VHS packaging of the game was one of the first things they decided on, with Zeppetelli saying: "We knew we had to put it in a VHS, to remind customers of the true Blockbuster experience."

We need this NOW.