This 'tampon tax' protest book is selling out across Germany for a great reason

trending 28/06/2019

Women have been fighting against the 'tampon tax' worldwide for the last few years, with our Aussie neighbours getting rid of the tax completely last year. NZ didn't follow unfortunately, but Countdown did bring out a range of discount pads and tampons which is something at least. Woohoo!

If you don't know, 'tampon tax' is the GST charged for tampons and other sanitary products because they're considered a 'luxury item' in many countries around the world. What... 

Anyway, basically everyone is pretty pissed off that they have to pay extra for a necessity, but some geniuses in Germany have come up with a pretty cool protest for the tax. In Germany, tampons are taxed at 19%, which is pretty darn high, in comparison to the tax for books which is only 7%. Go figure. 

With this in mind, boss gal start-up 'The Female Company' has decided to release a book which includes 15 organic tampons in it's cover to combat the tax and start a movement.

The first print sold out within two days, and the second within a week. They continue to fly off the shelves at the low price of about $5 NZD per book. That's cheaper than a normal box of tampons!

"We’ve been actively fighting against the discriminating tax regulations since we started our organic tampon company. At first, we supported two female activists and their online petition which has gained 170,000 signatures to date. Still, nothing happened,"

The German finance minister, Olaf Scholz, even claimed that he wouldn’t be able to ensure that "the tax reduction would be passed onto consumers by companies", but The Female Company has proved him wrong.

The book itself features illustrations, and details stories about periods from biblical times until today, with the aim of breaking taboos that still surround periods to this day. 

"Seven per cent on truffles – but 19 per cent on tampons? You don’t have to be a feminist to understand that that’s bulls**t," says co-founder Sophie Claus. 

This is actually amazing. #GIRLPOWER.