People have been waiting over 10 hours for Hagrid's Magical Creatures ride

trending 21/06/2019

A new Harry Potter themed ride opened at Universal Orlando last week, and it's been way more popular than they thought.

'Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure' lets you sit in a motorbike or it's sidecar as you twist, turn, and back your way around a track at 50mph (that's 80 kilometres!!!!). You get to travel through the Forbidden Forest, meet different magical creatures, and it even includes a 17-foot plunge - yikes. 

To be honest it sounds like our absolute dream, and we'd probably grudgingly wait a long time too, but some people have had to wait over 10 hours for a turn on the ride. That's a reaaaaaally long time to stand in line.

Because of the crazy amounts of people wanting to experience the ride, the team have been struggling to keep up with the park's maintenance. So they posted to Twitter saying they'll need to not open the ride until 12pm for a little while to keep up. 

Fair enough to be honest, you'd rather the ride be safe than them cram as many people on as possible right?

As soon as the popularity dies down we'll be booking our flights to Orlando though, guaranteed.