MAFS' Samuel Levi caught out in 'desperate' email asking for a free trip

scandal 19/06/2019

An email sent on behalf of Married At First Sight stars Samuel Levi and Tamara Joy in which the pair allegedly request free travel in exchange for social media posts has reportedly been leaked.

The Daily Mail claims a "desperate" email, sent by the talent agent of MAFS NZ groom Samuel, bills him along with MAFS Australia bride Tamara as a package deal that "can offer so much together".

The agent reportedly propositioned a number of tour operators and travel outlets in Australia, citing the pair's large social media following as a platform to "spread awareness" for the companies.

The Daily Mail has published the email pitch allegedly sent by SL Media Co in its entirety, complete with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

"Would love to know your thoughts, on getting the pair in to experience a trip together as the pair would love to visit and - experience this part of Australia, and do it together," the text reads. 

"[Samuel and Tamara] would absolutely love to work together, and collobarte [sic] with you across there [sic] large and wide range of social media followings which has a combined reach of 250,000+."

"Both are close friends, and can offer so much together through some fun and engaging content, aswell [sic] as offering a great following throughout Australisia [sic], to hit the perfect demographic."

The correspondence describes Samuel as a "hopeless romantic and break out star" from the 2018 season of MAFS NZ, who had already forged a career as "one of the country's and New Zealands leading faces, designers and influcencers [sic]".

According to the Daily Mail, Samuel's assistant did not deny sending the email in question.

"Brands have reached out to him, and we have also reached out to some that would be a great alignment, and ones more on par with his following, which is why this enquiry has maybe come around," the assistant reportedly told the tabloid in a statement.

Meanwhile, Tamara has denied seeking out free holidays, claiming her current trip to Bali is on her own dime.

SOURCE: Newshub's Monika Barton