Love Island's Tommy's hilarious old Facebook profile was discovered omg

scandal 17/06/2019

Tommy from Love Island will now be wishing that his Facebook settings were more private before he entered the villa!

The 20-year-olds public Facebook has lots of throwback pictures to his school days and some straight-faced selifes, and we can all relate. 

It is obvious that he has a real thing for some girl called Megan, with one of the posts reading 

Megan I would catch a grenade for you, while another says: “I dedicate my rugby match to you Megan I love u with all my hart

Fans were quick to share their thoughts

“Hahaha anyone else noticed he loves names beginning with M?” wrote one eagle-eyed follower, as another said: “Hahaha I would die if my old Bebo account resurfaced.”

“Do you still fancy him now?” one fan asked her friend, as another commented: “I’m dying.”