Girl finds out she's single after seeing BF's Facebook post about needing a new room

trending 18/06/2019

Talk about awkward.

An Aussie couple came to blows on Facebook after the boyfriend  put up a post looking for a new room and oh, and just the other little detail that he was...single. 

The boyfriend posted in the Adelaide Rental Property group on Monday, saying he was "single" and "drug/alcohol free". 

That was until his GIRLFRIEND happened to see the post and as you can imagine, she was a bit confused.

"Ummm what the actual f*** babe?! Since when were u single and needing somewhere to live..." his girlfriend commented on the post, within 20 minutes of the ad being posted.

"What a great boyfriend you are...Just remind me again who the selfish one is..cos it seems that it's you not me," the scathing response continued.

"Considering I'm the one out there trying my hardest to find us and my three kids a house to live in & you have the audacity to put this up without a thought of us..."