Love Island stars spill the goss on behind the scenes secrets

scandal 07/06/2019

If five nights of Love Island UK wasn't enough for you, we've got some more goss from the show to fill that void in your reality-show loving heart.

The fifth season of one of the world's biggest reality shows just kicked off, welcoming 10 new contestants into the villa.

But what goes on behind the scenes? Luckily for us, several of the past islanders, including Kady McDermott, Montana Brown, and Adam Collard, have have spilled all the juicy secrets from behind the scenes.

Check out all the goss here, from only being allowed two drinks a night to having the internet banned, our check out Haylee from The Edge Night's full breakdown below:

1) Contestants are delivered food every day made by an external team of cooks at an onsite canteen - which is why you don’t see anyone eating hot food! Also because of technical reasons with eating around the mics.

2) Alcohol consumption is limited to two drinks a night.

3) Contestants receive beauty treatments off camera - including haircuts and manicures.

4) The islanders who are required to pack enough clothing for eight weeks.

5) Producers force islanders to wake up - ban islanders from sleeping past 9:30am and wake them up through speakers. ‘Islanders, it’s time to get up’.

6) Reading materials are banned including Books, internet, and TV.

7) Islanders never know what time it is as Clocks are set incorrectly.

8) You can't talk about certain things or you get told off by producers.

9) There’s an intense week long lockdown before the show to ensure the contestants don’t find out about each other. The islanders are isolated in flats in different parts of Majorca - and on "media lockdown" with no phone and a chaperone who's a runner or researcher from ITV who won't be let out of that person's sight."’

10) Islanders have been known to leave and re-enter the villa.

2018 contestant Laura Anderson told Cosmopolitan. “I walked out after the Wes pieing. I didn't sleep all night, and went to the Beach Hut, and smoked 20 cigarettes.”