People can now save Chernobyl puppies by adopting them

trending 13/06/2019

This hit show 'Chernobyl' has been all anyone can talk about since it came out last month. 

Depicting the 1986 disaster, the show tells the story of the aftermath caused by the nuclear accident but there was one episode in particular that animal lovers found hard to watch.

In episode 4, we were told the story of Soviet soldiers, known as liquidators, who shot dogs that were left behind in the exclusion zone to prezent the spread of radiation contamination.

Speaking of the episode, one of the show's creators, Craig Mazin, said “I know that was hard. Just so there’s no confusion— the story of the liquidators is real. It happened." 

But now, over 30 years on, the zone is populated by stray dogs with some up for adoption thanks to the Clear Futures Fund (CFF).

The CFF was set up for the survivors of the disaster to help raise funds cancer treatments, surgeries, and now the care of dogs in the area.

Although you might not have thought it, the dogs are not actually radioactive. Some can have radiation on their fur from touching contaminated areas but it's as easy as giving them a bath or saving the fur off to get rid of it.

With the help of the international SPCA, puppies from the area are now looking for forever homes around the world.

CFF co-founder, Lucas Hixson told Vice last year:

"The biggest consideration should be given to the fact that these dogs have not had any real socialisation before coming to our rescue shelter.

They don’t understand the concept of a toy. The only things they like to play with are sticks and things to eat. We have developed a special training program for the puppies while they are in the adoption shelter, but they will likely still need a little extra love to reach their full potential."