Bride demands bridesmaid loses baby weight before wedding, three weeks after giving birth

trending 07/06/2019

Talk about Bridezilla... We think we'd be quickly telling her where to stick her wedding. 

A bride posted to Facebook asking whether it would be wrong to replace her Maid of Honour if she didn't lose her baby weight only THREE WEEKS after she had given birth - and she was absolutely destroyed by commenters. 


The post attracted thousands of reacts and comments, with people ripping into the bride:

"I hate this t**t, sounds like the mom wins in this situation, ditch that loser bride friend," said one.

"Imagine thinking that someone’s baby fat will ruin your wedding," said another.

"The fat shaming is HORRIBLE. But also, your bridesmaids are supposed to be the people you love standing with you, not mannequins for photos," added someone else.

"Hell its been 18 years since my last baby and I’m still struggling with that baby weight," commented someone on the short time frame. 

This lady needs to seriously rethink her priorities.