You can swap homegrown veggies for beer or dessert at this pub

trending 31/05/2019

We're all for free stuff, and this pub is giving it out in the best way we've seen in a long time. 

The New Inn, a pub in Great Limber, UK, have launched a new concept called a 'Barter Board', that lets customers swap their homegrown fruit and veggies for free beers or dessert. 

Anyone who grows asparagus, cauliflower, Jersey Royal potatoes, broccoli, radishes, rhubard or spring greens at home can swap the items for a pint or two of their chosen bev - either a Carlsberg Lager, Somersby Cider or a guest ale. 

The GM of the pub said: "The New Inn is situated in a great place for local produce and with so many farms nearby, we wanted to utilise this."

Before you think you could cheat the system and just bring in some supermarket bought veggies, the Barter Board's only rule is that the goods must be homegrown in Lincolnshire. 

"We have been inundated so far. People have been coming in saying 'If we knew you wanted veg, we would have brought some in', and they have just handed it over. They didn’t want a free pint or pudding so we haven’t actually given one away yet. I’m sure that will come soon. The produce on our Barter Board is in season right now. It will be updated and altered throughout the year to suit the season," said Lewis.

"There are no set amounts – that’s where the bartering comes in. But if someone comes in with too little, we will send them back to pick some more produce. We also have another board in our dining area which lets our guests know what we’ve used their produce for. Right now we have rhubarb crumble on there,"

What a great idea to encourage and support local produce! Would be awesome to see this rolled out in other places too.