You and your pet can now get matching necklaces and they're cute af

trending 03/05/2019

Remember those matching necklaces you'd get with your bestie in school where each necklace had half a broken heart that joined together with the other?

Well, now you can get something similar, but for your REAL bestie: your fluffy four-legged friend. 

Etsy seller Slashpile Designs has created some unique pet and human friendship necklaces and they're so f'ing cute. You get a necklace, and your dog or cat gets a collar pendant, which are all sterling silver and handmade to order. 

There are a few different options, all equally as cute as each other - a bone, a heart and a cat face, whichever you think will suit you and your bestie best.

You can also get the pet tag engraved with a name, a phone number, or whatever you want! You can check out all the designs and options on the SlashpileDesigns Etsy page here