This music festival has banned phones so you can "actually live in the moment"

trending 21/05/2019

Looks like no Insta stories (to make your friends jealous) are happening at this music festival!

Organisers of the FLY Open Air Festival in Edinburgh  have decided to ban the use of mobile phones so people will "actually live in the moment".

Attendees will be given a security case for their phone which automatically locks when entering the festival.

Director Tom Ketley spoke about the cases saying they had 8,000 cases ready to go.

"You would not go to the cinema and watch the film through your phone, so I don't see how this is any different" he explained.

“We felt like there was no other way do this other than take quite drastic action. If you put stickers over people cameras they just take them off.”

The news of the music festival's ban comes only a week after Halsey also encourage her fans to put their phones away.

Before her performance in Minneapolis, Halsey said "I saw u guys were upset about the phones tonight. I’m gonna let u guys keep em but u gotta promise me you aren’t gonna have em out during the show."