These two LEGO Masters contestants have fallen in love and it's so cute!

scandal 17/05/2019

Finding love on a reality TV show is pretty rare in the ones that are actually aiming for just that - Love Island, Married at First Sight etc, we're looking at you.

But two reality TV contestants have found love on the most unexpected show, and it's wholesome AF. If you've been keeping up with LEGO Masters, this will give you major feels:

Miller, who's teamed up with Jordan, has apparently fallen for Kaitlyn, who joined the comp with Marielle.

The host of the show, Hamish Blake, talked in an interview how he found out the pair were dating during the grand final build:

"At one stage I’m just doing my thing… and [Miller] goes, 'hey, hey, Ham, come over,' and he put his hand on his mic… 'just so you know, I’m dating Kaitlyn.'"

"I said 'Hey Miller, the ‘hand over mic’ doesn’t work'", Hamish said.

He also hinted that we might get a glimpse of the cute pair on the last episode of the season, saying "Miller was walking on air when [the romance] was happening." 

Awwww, our hearts!