Sharyn opens up about the first year of being a mum

scandal 27/05/2019

After giving birth to her baby boy, Tyson in January last year, Sharyn has opened up about the start of her motherhood journey. 

Speaking with Good Heath & Wellbeing's Erin Fisher, Sharyn said that while it's hard, finding a good balance between work and motherhood has been key for her.

"My job is part of who I am, so for me, not being at work felt like an itch I couldn't scratch," she shared.

"I noticed that for me personally, when I work, I'm also a much more present mother. Because I go and do something with my brain, something that's a part of me, when I go home I'm far more focused. I don't think I appreciated my time with Tyson as much as I do now."

Sharyn went on to share with Good Health & Wellbeing that the physical recovery needed after undergoing a C-section wasn't something she'd been given much warning about.

"The only thing anybody told me was that my nipples would be sore and that it would be hard to lose the weight. That was it.

It wasn't that my core wasn't going to be able to hold me up, or that I was going to be hunched over giving him a bottle all the time, or that I would need to have a strong back. All I was worried about was fitting back into my jeans, not how I was going to rebuild my entire core," she said.

But thanks to Pilates classes with specific postnatal exercises, Sharyn was able to rebuild her core strength, fix her posture, and more.

"After about three weeks, I already felt different. It made my body feel strong in a way that I had never felt."

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