James Charles has been spotted in public for the first time since Tati Westbrook drama

scandal 15/05/2019

For the first time since the beauty world went from 0-100 with drama, James Charles has been seen in the public.

The 19 year old makeup blogger has lost over 3 million followers since his feud began with Tati Westbrook, sending the internet into meltdown.

The feud began after Westbrook posted a 43 minute long video, titled 'Bye Sister', to YouTube where she listed of the reasons for ending her friendship with Charles.

Charles was in the middle of an Australian tour when the feud was made public and for the first time since, we've had our first glimpse of the YouTuber.

He was spotted speaking into Brisbane Airport, surrounded by security, as he wore a sweatshirt reading 'sisters' from his line of merch.

While the drama has seen Charles lose 3 million followers so far, it's also sent Twitter on fire with none stop memes. 

Here are some of our favs so far: