Hilary Barry responds to viewer "Barbara's" feedback about her cleavage


Absolute boss woman Hilary Barry is at it again.

After receiving some unusual feedback about her cleavage, Hilary responded.

On Seven Sharp, Jeremy Wells explained how a woman called Barbara had written into the show to complain about Hillary's clothes.

Wells read out the email on air and explained that its subject line read: "Hilary's cleavage".

The email read: "we are being assailed by more and more of Hilary in low-cut tops exposing her cleavage. Unfortunately it's become a worldwide trend which is mind boggling considering we have the #MeToo movement trying to stop women being treated as sex objects'.

Wells explained that the letter then said: "It is a fact of nature that women's breasts are sex objects and should be kept private except at the beach or at an evening do. Hilary should be seen as a professional, intelligent and have taste and her breasts being accentuated does not give this image".

Hilary responded to the email by saying: "Well here's the thing Barbara. I'm just a middle-aged mother of two who slapped on some lippy and a pretty top to look presentable for the nation and I'm sorry that you find my boobs offensive.

"They're just boobs. They're just boobs and half the population have them. Barbara has them."

It's definitely not the first time Hilary has been a boss when it comes to mean viewer feedback. In the past she's hit back at someone who called her a "stupid c**t" with a boss as response.