Fans are dragging the f**k out of Kylie Jenner for how she washes her face

trending 31/05/2019

Kylie Jenner recently launched a skincare line called Kylie Skin and boy do people have thoughts. Fans already spent a bunch of time freaking out about the fact that Kylie included a walnut scrub in her debut line, and now everyone's losing their collective sh*t over a video of Kylie washing her face.

In the video, Kylie rubs her face wash on herself for like....two seconds before rinsing herself off and drying herself with a white towel. The thing is...the towel comes away with mass amounts of foundation on it and now people are calling kylie a "scammer".

Here's the video:

Twitter are honestl shitty as hell over this video, with comments ranging from "she’s selling products she clearly doesn’t even use. Rich bitch goes to expensive dermas lmao" to "if you’re gonna scam people, at least do a good job at it."