Bride asks florist to work for free at wedding because she's 'already spent thousands'

trending 10/05/2019

A lot of people look for ways to cut down costs on their big day, but we don't think there'd be many people that would do something like this!

A bride has left the internet speechless (which doesn't happen very often) after asking a florist to work for free at her wedding.

Over text, the woman sent the florist, Mimi, a photo of what she was after and how much it would cost.

But after the florist gave her a quote, the bride questioned "why so much" before trying to barter her down to...absolutely nothing.

After hearing the florist's explaination, the bride went on to suggest she just by the flowers at wholesale cost, and then just do all the labour for free...

Shout out to Mimi for trying to stay professional. even after being asked to work for free. After kindly saying she could recommend other florists for her, the bride unbelievably  sent back a thumbs down.