AWKWARD AF: DWTS judge takes to Instagram to defend herself after K'Lee hit back at criticism

Dancing with the Stars NZ

Ok babes, let's sit down and go through what happened last night on Dancing With The Stars NZ. K'Lee took to the floor to dance the Paso Doble during "rock week". We thought it was a fierce dance (but then again, we always love what we're seeing from K'Lee and what do we know 😂)

Then it came to the judges feedback and it wasn't great. Especially the feedback from Rachel. 

"That was better than last week - just a tad," she said.

K'Lee took issue with Rachel suggesting her dance wasn't as "aesthetically beautiful" as it should have been, and fought back live on air.

"It should be beautiful as in what?" she said. "It's a paso, we were being dynamic with that push and pull power. You said you have to be a professional to get this, I learned this in two and a half days.

"We come out here and we're trying to be dynamic, and I really don't understand the feedback you're giving because I don't know how to put it into context for the next dance."

It was kinda awkward tbh.

In the early hours of this morning, Rachel took to her social media to address what happened. First, she praised and spoke about each dancer who had taken to the floor last night. Then, she spoke about K'Lee:

In videos, she shared the exchange between her and K'Lee and wrote her thoughts, hightlighting that she stood behind her comments, and refuting things K'Lee mentioned she'd said. She also mentioned that she didn't see the point in K'Lee telling her she only had 2.5 days to learn the dance:

I don't know what the point is of mentioning you had 2.5 days. I'm sorry that those are your circumstances. There is a week between shows.

Watch the video below:

The story is long af so we won't talk about EVERYTHING that happened in it, but she went on to post more examples of videos from the show, highlighting points she'd made previously and showing positive feedback she'd given.

Rachel then spent 8 more stories, showing that she was reading a book on Paso Doble and zoomed in on the parts that she had talked about in her feedback.

And dw, if you're a dummy, she reminded us that Google exists! Lol!

Aaaand then she just really had to hammer it home, confirming that she wasn't impressed by their Paso.

WOW. There's a lot going on there but we're just gonna go ahead and suggest we leave all this drama behind and focus on tonight's ep 😂