Amy Schumer's received ruthless comments after going back to work two weeks after birth

scandal 22/05/2019

Two weeks after giving birth, Amy Schumer has proved how much of a super-mum she is by officially returning to the comedy stage.

Posting on Instagram, Amy shared her excitement, saying "I'm back!".

While there was support from fellow mums in the comments, Amy unfortunately recieved harsh comments, mum shaming her for going back to work too early.

“Jesus, Amy. Let the stitches dissolve first,” one person wrote.

Another disgustingly said "Like, I can still smell your placenta…take a damn break ffs".

As well as responding in the comments saying "I’ve always wanted to be mom shamed!!!!", Schumer did a second post on Insta with the caption "Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!".