Amy Schumer has announced her baby's name and fans think it's a joke name

scandal 09/05/2019

Amy Schumer has left fans scratching their heads after introducing her newborn son to the world.

After announcing she had given birth, Schumer took to Instagram to share a photo of her partner Chris Fischer holding their baby boy. All pretty normal and cute, right?

"Gene Attell Fischer and his dad Chris," she captioned the cute photo. Fans and celebrity pals flocked to the comments to congratulate Schumer.

At first, people wondered if Gene's middle name was a nod to Schumer's comedian friend Dave Attell.

But soon after, fans queried whether they were being pranked or if Schumer simply hadn't said the name out loud. Gene Attell Fischer, after all, could sound somewhat like, uh, genital fissure.

"Amy Schumer naming her son Gene Attell feels like a sick joke and I need to log off the internet," one tweet said. "SHE NAMED HER CHILD SOMETHING THAT PHONETICALLY SOUNDS LIKE 'GENITAL.' I CAN'T!!!!!!"

Others felt the same... wouldn't be weird for Schumer to make a joke like this. She IS known for her crass humour and joked all the way through her pregnancy.

On Monday, Schumer shared the news that she had welcomed her son with a tongue-in-cheek post on Instagram.

"10:55pm last night. Our royal baby was born," she wrote, alongside a photo of herself, Chris and their new baby.