A 'Game of Thrones' cruise exists so now you can travel the seven kingdoms

scandal 30/05/2019

Now that Game of Thrones has finished, it feels like we've just come out of a seven year relationship. And what better way to get over a breakup than with a holiday!?

Cruise Croatia will host a special Game of Thrones cruise for the show's biggest fans in 2020. The cruise will head to the town of Split, which is home to Klis fortress where Daenerys was captured in season 4. 

You'll then travel to other filming locations in the city of Dubrovnik, which viewers of the show will recognise as different parts of King's Landing.

But like everything Cersi ever promised, there's a catch...

The exclusive 7-night luxury cruise is a one-time-only trip for just one lucky fan and three of their fans.

To enter, you just have to say which Game of Thrones characters you and your friends are most like and then you could be off to explore the Seven Kingdoms in style! (unlike everyone on the show...)