5 things to do now Game of Thrones has finished

scandal 21/05/2019

It's been 9 long years,  8 seasons, 71 episodes, 174, 373 deaths and one ginger dude who banged a giant.

We've finally reached the end of Game Of Thrones.  It's bitter sweet, beautiful, emotional but most of all...it's left us with a giant Scorpian's Bolt sized hole in our lives. 

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Now that everyone's favourite tv show about dragons and incest has concluded, what do we do now?

Luckily for us, Guy from The Edge Workday has put together a list of simple tasks you can do to reintroduce yourself into 2019 and the future. 

1. Go outside. 

This one sounds stupid and that's because it is. Go back inside you idiot, it's Winter. And based on what we've seen in GOT, Winter is bad. It brings the Night King, undead soldiers, and it makes Jon Snow want to have sex next to a waterfall. 

2. Talk to your loved ones. 

You'll have done this over the past 9 years but your chat would've consisted of "I reckon so and so will be the king/queen" or "why do my favourite characters keep dying?".

Now you're gonna have to talk to people in your lives about things that have nothing to do with GOT. Here are some examples of a normal conversation for you to become familiar with: 

  • "Hi, did you see the local sports team play last night?"
  • "How is your rash going?"
  • "Yes Mum, I think it's a great idea for you to get a Facebook page"

3. Exercise. 

All those nights of huddling around the tv watching House Stark's family tree get cut down branch by branch was probably accompanied by some snacks of the salty variety.

There's nothing wrong with some extra mass, it worked well for Samwell Tarly because he bagged a babe but I suggest exercise because it means going somewhere that isn't your house (which is where you would've been hibernating these long years). 

4. Latch onto something else

There's heaps of other amazing TV shows and movies for you to sink your teeth into like Ramsey's Hounds. Speaking of dogs, if you're after a good transition movie, might I suggest John Wick. It has a main character called John, who also has a dog but only for a short time because...well...let's just say it gets very sad about 20 minutes in. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't watch John Wick. 

5. Ignore all previous suggestions. 

If you don't feel like talking to strangers while going for a walk then simply say F**K THAT and go back inside.

Game Of Thrones is available on Neon, ALL OF THE SEASONS, and you can binge each and every one of them. There may have been something you missed, maybe you didn't appreciate a character while they were alive and want to relive moments with them.

Whatever your reason, it doesn't really matter at this point. Just re-watch the show from the beginning (when it was actually good...*mic drop*).