This 'Bachelor In Paradise' star just showed off her new boyfriend

scandal 29/04/2019

FYI this story contains spoilers so if you don't want to jump ahead of what we're up to here in nz, you should stop reading now...

Still here? Ok, don't say we didn't warn you.

In Australia, viewers of 'Bachelor In Paradise' have just watched Cassandra Wood get her broken for the second time as she left the show.

But the good news is, our fav stage 5 clinger has found love after all!

Earlier today, Cass introduced us all to her new boyfriend, Tyson Davis.

"It may seem like Bachelor in Paradise was a little like De Ja Vu for me, but the intensity of both those experiences and any pain I felt is all worth it since having this guy walk back in to my life at the most perfect time,” she shared.

Cass went on to say the pair first met back in 2017 and that she's now 'the happiest' she's ever been.

With their relationship out in the open, Tyson has also been able to take his Insta off private and can show off all their cute AF couple pics that he's been posting since December!