These guys hacked Macca's self service to get a free feed

trending 12/04/2019

We're not condoning cheating the system, but credit where credit's due, these guys are pretty clever.

Two Aussie lads have found a hack in the McD's self-service screens where they can get a free hamburger, and have posted a video of it in action to Reddit.

What they do is order 10 $1 hamburgers (this deal isn't available here in NZ unfortunately), then they remove the patties from them, which discounts the burgers by $1.10 each. This adds up to $11, with the extra dollar covering a normal hamburger for free...

After they request checkout, the screen confirms no payment is required, and prints out the receipt and order number - and the staff are none the wiser.

Except that they have to make 10 pattie-less burgers of course.

Reddit users were pretty divided about whether the hack was clever or a complete waste of food. Some of the comments read:

"May I suggest if you go to Maccas and order a hamburger with nothing in it, you're a bit of a tosser."

"At the end of the day though, you only wanted the real cheeseburger. That's a lot of effort to save $1."

"Personally, I'd advise against trying to rip-off a multinational on its own premises under the full view of CCTV."

"I'm all for exploiting loopholes and sticking it to the man or whatever, but I'm not a fan of wasting food. I hope you're going to eat all those buns."

But don't worry guys, THEY DIDN'T WASTE THE EXTRA BURGERS. The poster confirmed they ate all the empty burgers by just filling them up with fries. Now that's ingenuity at it's finest.