Queer Eye's Fab Five gave a shelter dog a makeover and honestly we're crying

scandal 01/05/2019

Yass, puppy!

We already find it hard enough holding back the tears during each episode of Queer Eye but it's just been taken to the next level.

To raise awareness of Adopt a Shelter Pet Day in America, the Fab Five have come together to give a shelter dog the most paw-some make-over so she can live her lil'fluffy life to the fullest.

In the new mini-episode, the Queer Eye boys met 3-year-old pup Lacey who has an 'infectious amount of sweetness'.

Even though she's a four legged little pup, Lacey still got the full Queer Eye experience with a pep talk from Karmo, cooking tips from Antoni, a fashion make-over from Tan, grooming from JVN, and then the cutest home decor upgrade from Bobby.

So get your tissues ready and watch the full vid below.