MAFS AU Insider spills the goss on all the behind the scenes secrets

scandal 09/04/2019

Married At First Sight Australia is always filled with drama but this season has truely been something else.

With nonstop cheating, gossiping, and confrontation at the dinner tables, even the MAFS producers have called this season an 'absolute chaos'.

But how much of this year's drama has been set up behind the scenes? Well, according to Now To Love, a whole lot...

Speaking with one of the show's insiders, they spilled all the show's secrets so get the tea ready, because you're going to read these!

The insider said when filming, the producer's check all of the 'stay' or 'leave' cards to make sure they align with the storyline and 'plots'. All personal items where taken of the participants, including their phones. However, the 'cheaters' were allowed to keep theirs so they could slide in to each other's dm's.

The insider went on to say none of the participants were allowed to talk to each other without having a camera on them. When it came to the home-stays, the show rented out Airbnb's for some of the stars, including Tamara, Jess and Billy, because their real homes were 'unavailable'.

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