MAFS' Sam explains why he skipped out on the last reunion episode

scandal 12/04/2019

You might have noticed there was one important person missing from last night's finale of Married At First Sight Australia...

None other than Mr. Samuel 'Cheating McCheater' Bell.

Throughtout the whole episode, we wondered why he was the only missing from the drama filled group but know we finally know why.

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During an interview with Australia's A Current Affair, Sam said "I just didn't want any part in the show you know brother, the drama, I'm just over it."

Looking back on the episode, Sam shared that he does regret not being there "I do regret it a bit, I didn't get to say my piece and defend myself."

"I did not want to disrespect Ines, Elizabeth or anyone. I feel bad about the way she felt and seeing her reaction. Anyone who got offended, I'm sorry.

"I disappointed myself, I'm not happy with the way it went."

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