Justin Bieber is expecting a baby with Hailey Bieber and says it's NOT an April Fools joke

scandal 02/04/2019

UPDATE: Since we wrote this story, Justin has updated his Instagram account stating it IS actually an April Fools joke.

In today's OMG news...

This morning Justin Bieber has shared a picture of an ultrasound! Of course we were all like "bro, that's way to obvious that it's an April Fools Day prank..."

His wife Hailey even commented on it saying "very funny".

Let's just say we were very sceptical. BUT now the Biebs has updated again and this time he's blatantly pointed out that it's not an April Fools gig. 

Putting up a series of photos of what seems to be Hailey in the doctors chair with her stomach out, he said "If U thought it was April Fools"

Hmmmmmm. This is wild!! Is Bieber gonna be a daddy!?

We hope this is true because 1: OMG YAY THIS IS WILD and 2: Joking about being pregnant ain't that funny.

We are wishing Hailey and Justin all the best with their pregnancy!