Here's what happens in Game of Thrones after the Battle of Winterfell according to the trailer


If you are not up to date on Game of Thrones, don't read this. WE REPEAT: DON'T READ THIS.

The Battle of Winterfell is OVER. The Night King is dead. So now what? Well, if the trailer for next week's Game of Thrones is anything to go by: CERSEI LANNISTER.

Cersei has changed out of her black mourning garb and is back in Lannister red.

We see the survivors of the battle watch something - probably all the bodies being burned :(

And we also get a sneak peek of some of those who survived who we 100% were not sure of!

First of all, BOTH DRAGONS ARE OK. We see Dany watching over them as they fly.

Secondly, we were extremely worried about Ghost, the direwolf who marched straight into battle early on in the episode.

It was worrying. He was at the front of the charge with all the Dothraki who were straight-up slaughtered, so it seemed like he HAD to be dead.

BUT there's good news...he's ALIVE! He's in the crowd in the trailer. Look closely.

Thank GOD! 

It seems like the rest of Season 8 really will be about who sits on the Iron Throne. The White Walkers were the big fake-out, rather than the other way around. What a twist.