Hamish and Andy are teaming up for new travel show

scandal 01/05/2019

Five years after their last 'Gap Year', Hamish and Andy are teaming back up for a brand new show!

While Hamish is currently hosting the new 'Lego Masters' on Three, he's just revealed that a new travel show is in the works with Andy.

Speaking with an Australian radio station, Hamish said that they'll be leaving to go film the show in about a month.

"We're obviously very excited to go away together, it's been almost five years since we've done a travel show together."

Hamish said the pair talk daily and couldn't be more excited about their new show. "just on the DL, a lot of our text messages are just excitment about the trip and the fact that we haven't done one of these for about five years."

During their 'Gap Years' series, Hamish and Andy travelled across the world so that leaves the question...where to next? Turns out, it's America!

Hamish spilled the goss on where they'd be heading while reading out a text from Andy.

"He said 'how many frequent flyer points do you have? I think we try and go all out on an upgrade' because we're heading to America."

Who's excited!?