Get ready for a Beyoncé Netflix doco AND a greatest hits album

scandal 05/04/2019

Bey fans rejoice, apparently the Queen has a Netflix doco on the way. Beyoncé + Netflix?! Two of our faves in one!

It's been rumoured that the documentary is around her *iconic* 2018 Coachella performance as well as other footage - we're guessing it carries on into her and Jay-Z's OTRII world tour too.

Not only is a doco in the works, but reportedly a 'greatest hits' album is on the way too. Bey is said to be working on a few new tracks for the album, but fans are worried that the combo of the doco and greatest hits marks the end of Queen B's music-making reign.

Pls don't do this to us Bey. Although we are excited to see the doco - she's notoriously private so getting to see some behind-the-scenes footage of her is pretty cool. 

No release dates are available for either the doco or the album, but we all know Beyoncé's a fan of the surprise drop (see: her last three albums), so keep an eye and ear out people!