Facebook to introduce feature which matches friends who secretly say they'd bang each other


Facebook often reveal new, exciting things and this one is something like no other!

In a conference, the developers shared a new feature that will be hitting Facebook. As part of their feature "Facebook Dating", they are launching "Secret Crush". As seen in the video above, the feature lets you go through your list of friends and say who you're interested in in ~that~ way. If they do the same back to you, it tells you both.

If they don't choose you back, so to speak, it doesn't tell them you're interested and no one will ever knowwwwww! None of your friends even know you're on Facebook Dating unless it tells them. 

There aren't plans to bring this feature to NZ (yet). They're trying it out in other countries before they look to expand it. We think we like this idea! Hahaha. We have had chats around the office that this would be better in Instagram, though? 

Hmmm we will keep an eye out on how it's going in other countries!