Cole Sprouse got a new hairdo and he looks nothing like Jughead anymore

scandal 18/04/2019

Riverdale's third season has wrapped up filming, so Cole Sprouse has taken the opportunity to switch up his 'do. Don't worry though, he's not tryna revisit his 'Suite Life' days. 

Sprouse has instead decided to strip away the dark tresses of Jughead and go back to his natural sandy blonde shade. He has shared a pic on his Insta story, and fans have spotted him out and about, looking much more like his twin brother Dylan. 

It's not exactly the most drastic change considering he's just gone back to his natural colour, but he def looks different to his character he's become known for. 

Cole did reveal he's working on a secret project during the Riverdale break, so maybe that's why he's died his locks? Fingers crossed for a 'Suite Life' sequel pls and thnx.