Avicii's family say they will share previously unreleased music after his death

scandal 08/04/2019

The album Avicii had been working on before his death is reportedly now ready for release, with collaborators working on the near-completed tracks using notes left behind by Avicii.

Avicii - whose real name is Tim Bergling - died April 20, 2018 aged 28. This upcoming album is called Tim and is scheduled to come out in June.

Proceeds from the posthumous album will go towards helping those who have mental health issues as well as the prevention of suicide.

Music producer Carl Falk said:

"I was trying to produce through someone else’s eyes and ears — someone who’s not here.

It was really hard not to criticize yourself the whole time. Would he like this? What would he have done?

Now, when I listen [to Avicii’s lyrics], I hear a lonely person with a lot of big emotions that he didn’t have enough people to talk to about.

I feel this music was his way of getting some of that out. That makes this a really important record. Whatever Tim wanted to say is here."

The producers have stated how the tracks on Tim were 75 to 80 per cent completed at the time of Avicii’s death.

In order to finish off the tracks, the collaborators turned to detailed notes left behind on Avicii’s phone and computer. Some of these notes were reportedly written during the final days of Avicii’s life.

You can hear more about the creative process behind the album Tim in the clip below:

If you feel you need help dealing with depression or a difficult time in your life, call Lifeline on 0800 543 354 or the Suicide Crisis Helpline on 0508 828 865(0508 TAUTOKO). Both are available 24/7.