You can now get a fake tan that you DON'T need to wash off

trending 26/04/2019

This is what we've always needed!

With Winter just around the corner, it's time to get your tanning mit back out and get that pale bod' look like it's just come back from a three week holiday in Bali.

But before you go and grab your usual fake tan, we think you might want to hear this.

Bondi Sand's has released a new product that doesn't need to be washed off at all to activate it!

In it's discription, Bondi Sands' Liquid Gold Tanning Foam says 'Liquid Gold Foam requires no wash off! You can apply the foam, put clothes on and go about your day as normal with the tan developing over the next 6 - 8 hours.'

How good does that sound!? The tanning foam is being sold for $22 AUD online right now.