MAFS Cyrell calls Jess TF out for cheating in front of everyone and we're all for it

scandal 21/03/2019

Yet another Married At First Sight Australia dinner party dissolved into an ugly brawl on Wednesday night as Cyrell Paule publicly outed fellow bride Jessika Power as a cheater.

The previous week, Jessika shared a forbidden kiss with Daniel Webb, despite the fact their respective partners Mick Gould and Tamara Joy were waiting for them inside.

A drunken Jess made her thoughts about Dan - "he's a meal, not a snack" - known immediately after he was introduced to the group earlier in the season. It was a confession fellow bride Cyrell clearly didn't forget in a hurry.

This week, after Jess and Dan disappeared from the dinner party for yet another private pash, Cyrell confronted Jess about the situation. 

"Let's be honest, if you were genuinely trying to make your marriage work, you wouldn't have turned around and said to me a few dinner parties ago that you wanted to f**k Dan," she said.

Unable to provide an excuse, Jess tried to storm off, but Cyrell was hot on her heels, and the conversation quickly dissolved into an all-out screaming match.

"You're walking off because you know I'm saying the truth!" Cyrell yelled, prompting Jess to label her a "f**king psycho". 

"Oh, so you don't want to sleep with Dan?!" Cyrell challenged.

"No, I don't!" Jess said, despite having just dished to producers about the pair's sexual chemistry.

As the scrap spilled over into the dining room, Cyrell opted to put the issue to the group.

"I'm gonna say it!"Cyrell yelled.

"Mick, I hate to say it but at the last dinner party Jess turned around and said she wanted to sleep with Dan. She wanted to f**k him! Where's Tamara? Tamara, she wanted to f**k your husband!

"She wanted to sleep with another man so all I said to her is, 'If you're genuinely trying to make your marriage work, if you're genuinely here for Mick, then you're not gonna be thinking about f**king another husband'."

"Absolutely," agreed Mick.

"Everyone knows you're a genuine bloke, you deserve better than this," Cyrell said.

Later in the evening, Dan's wife Tamara attempted to grill Jess about her feelings for her husband, but Jess remained tight-lipped about the kiss they'd shared just moments earlier.

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