Tip Top and Watties announce new 'Tomato Sauce' ice cream and what the actual F

scandal 08/03/2019

In what may be the unlikeliest combination ever created, Wattie's has announced a new tomato sauce flavoured ice cream.

The food company posted a photo to its official Facebook page, saying it had collaborated with Tip Top to create the bold limited edition flavour.

"Anyone keen to try it when it's ready?" Wattie's wrote.

Fans weren't buying it, with one commenter saying it was a "bit early for April 1st".

"Just because you can doesn't mean you should," said another.

The photo appears to be a joke based on a recent clip from TVNZ's Seven Sharp, in which the hosts tried eating ice cream topped with tomato sauce.

It looks like Kiwis won't be seeing a real tomato sauce French vanilla hitting stores any time soon.

However with past collaborations like the Whittaker's and Garage Project chocolate beer last year, maybe it's not such a farfetched idea after all.

SOURCE: Newshub's Sophie Bateman.