The Chase's Shaun Wallace hosts quiz on Air New Zealand flight


Shaun Wallace from The Chase has become a quizmaster on a flight between Wellington and Queenstown.

The 'Dark Destroyer' delivered five questions on the PA to passengers before posing with flight attendants and handing out lollies on the flight.

He also shared some inside knowledge from The Chase.

The secret facts included the reveal that there's a three year waiting list for contestants to be on the show.

He also revealed that "The amounts the contestants are offered are determined by the producers, and those amounts depend on how many contestants have won on the cash builder" and that he was "the only Chaser who win or lose will meet and greet the contestants post game.".

Wallace also said he couldn't believe he was in NZ saying:

"It's wonderful to be here," he said during the flight. "I can't still believe I'm in New Zealand."