That "barking guy" is back 9 years later and he's still a legend


Surely you know this guy - he's the older gent that was just recounting what he saw to an Australian news channel aaaand he went viral.

Well, nine years after Ray Graham's now infamous barking dog impression went viral, he's been asked to repeat it on national television.

He went on Channel Nine's A Current Affair, the same program that launched his infamy, as a sort of catch up on what life has been like since his viral video.

Ray said he felt like his life had been 'defined' by the clip and that people still recognise him in the street and ask him for photos. But then the TV host asked if he still could pull off a rabid dog impression.

And he bloody nailed it.

Many feared for Ray's wife, Kerry, when the original clip aired. But don't worry, Ray said she was more concerned about her hair that day than anything else.

Two years ago, he was interviewed by a radio station on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Ray told the team that, thankfully, the dog isn't across the road from him anymore, so he and Kerry can live in peace.