Ricky Gervais confirms season 2 of "After Life"


Ricky Gervais' new series After Life debuted on Netflix earlier this month and received a positive response.

The comedy-drama sees Gervais starring as Tony Johnson, a man who is struggling to cope with widowed life following the death of his wife.

After the first season was met with critical and fan acclaim, Gervais told his Twitter followers today that a second instalment has been green-lit – and that he’s currently writing the new episodes.

“Thanks again for all the love for #AfterLife. I have never had a reaction like this,” he wrote. “The reviews have been great but the response from viewers has been fucking amazing. And that means so much more to me. You are the best fans in the world.”

Speaking to NME recently, Gervais said that After Life was “the most dramatic, the darkest [and] the most uncompromising” that he’d ever gone creatively.

“It’s the comedy cast of the century even if you don’t like every single person in it. It’s amazing,” he said. “Some people will love it, some people will hate it, most people won’t know it exists, so I’m all for that.”