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Paris Jackson denies reports that she attempted suicide

scandal 18/03/2019

Paris Jackson has denied a report claiming she was hospitalised for a suicide attempt.

The 20-year-old's response comes after TMZ reported that she was placed on a 5150 hold – which is used by police, medical and mental health professions if someone is thought to be a danger to themselves – after allegedly being hospitalised for a suicide attempt.

Paris condemned TMZ‘s report on Twitter, writing “fuck you you fucking liars” in response to the article:

Jackson also slammed a since-deleted tweet from Bethenny Frankel about TMZ‘s article writing, “lies lies lies omg and more lies.”

On Friday, just hours before the alleged incident, Jackson tweeted in response to criticism that she wasn’t defending her father in the wake of the sexual abuse allegations from HBO’s documentary Finding Neverland, “I am defending him, in my own way.”